Business advisors enabling the successful execution of strategies and plans by providing:

     Team Building & Performance Monitoring

     Good Decision Making

     Next Generation Leadership

     The Right People - Subject Matter Experts

          & Interim Executives & Managers

     "Outside Looking In" Marketing


More challenging then the transformations over the last 20 years will be the transformations over the next 20 years.

BAS enables its clients to lead and manage change.


The majority of family owned companies fail by the third generation .

BAS develops next generation leadership.

BAS Group LLC [BAS] is a management consulting and business services company enabling the successful execution of strategies and plans of it's clients with an emphasis on achieving goals and objectives by providing the right people, team performance, decision making and next-generation leadership.

The focus is on execution and accountability of strategies and plans because all organizations have them, yet have difficulties implementing them for many reasons.


With the right people, team performance focus, good decision making and next-generation leadership [especially for family-owned businesses], BAS clients can achieve the power of a good strategy and well-executed plan.

Team Performance:  Goal and objective performance oriented team building approaches and monitoring to bring together and focus teams, especially teams with multiple national, functional, cultural, and/or demographic members.


Good Decision Making:  BAS offers techniques and training to management, technical, and interdisciplinary teams with multi-national, cultural, and functional discipline members to assist in solving problems and making informed and timely decisions.


The Right PeopleSubject matter experts, interdisciplinary teams, and interim executives and managers with proven expertise and experience can expand the client’s knowledge base, management depth, capabilities, and processes to support modernization of organizations, build and grow businesses, lead and manage change and transition, resolve or turnaround situations, and manage complex large projects across all fields and industries.


Next-Generation Leadership:  Executive leadership coaching is designed and customized to the client’s country, culture, business, and specific needs to prepare and support the next generation of owners to lead and succeed in an ever-changing global environment as they develop their own experiences and expertise.

Marketing Services:  For global clients, BAS provides through its OLI "Outside Looking In" team full service strategic, tactical and creative-communications marketing, business development and account managerment services.
The BAS Approach
Where BAS has conducted business
BAS clients include large consulting firms, businesses, divisions of large global companies, government ministries and agencies, and family-held businesses.

BAS’s history and approach is “working in the background” to assist, augment, and complement the client’s leadership, management and teams to succeed in achieving their goals and objectives.

BAS helps clients find solutions to enable growth and expand into new markets, resolve problems, implement best practices and modernize, capture opportunities, and transition their business or organization to a higher level of performance and achievement. The BAS team understands that modernization is different than westernization.


BAS differentiates itself with its focus on the local and cultural aspects of the client’s country, demographics, business practices, and management style; access to talent for a client’s specific needs, industry, markets, products, and services; and the complex aspects of multi-national, cultural, and functional teams; businesses; and organizations in a highly competitive, fast-paced and ever-changing global world.

Global Reach
Where BAS has conducted business

BAS utilizes its extensive global network across multiple disciplines to locate the ideal people for its client’s needs, emphasizing high level experience and expertise along with the need to be a team player, work independently for the client and function well within both the culture and country. BAS additionally provides on-site seminars, workshops, training, and team building encompassing the processes, metrics, and accountability tools that impact achieving the client’s goals and objectives.

Business advisors enabling the successful execution of strategies and plans by providing:

the right people    team building  good decision making    next generation leadership