Ethics & Integrity

Ethics and integrity is important in everything we do at BAS, always and everywhere. We want to have relationships with our customers, employees and other stakeholders that are based on mutual trust. The reputation of BAS depends on how we are viewed by the people we interact with. Customers, suppliers, government authorities and other parties involved in which we operate, judge us by how we behave. Within BAS, we support each other to do the right thing. We strive for everyone at BAS to be able to account for their own behavior and choices. We aim to simply walk our talk.

Code of Conduct

We want to ensure that our employees and partners share our view on ethical behavior, and understand our values. We do not only comply with the law and internal guidelines but also align our actions with our principal values and ethical standards.

Therefore, to explain what Ethics means at BAS, we have written a code of conduct. This document is the foundation for our behavior and gives all our stakeholders a reference point. You can read our code of conduct here

We also believe it is important that employees and third parties can report any actual or suspected abuses and irregularities that take place at BAS Group B.V. or any of its related parties. That’s why we have a whistleblowing policy and procedure in place.

Contacts for whistleblowers

Integrity and compliance with internal and external rules is of the highest priority for BAS. Our aim is to prevent any violations of these values and rules, however, for the violations that do occur, it is essential that these are identified, clarified, and eliminated.
Any (suspected dangers of) violations within BAS with major or social consequences can be reported via our whistleblower form. In principle, this concerns dangerous, immoral or illegal practices that transcend the level of a single case or a few personal cases, for instance because of the seriousness of the situation, its scope or its structural character.
Reports can be made by persons in a work-related context with BAS at any time. Information received through this channel is thoroughly investigated and resolved depending on the type of violation.
The whistleblower system ensures that both the whistleblowers as well as the persons implicated are protected. An investigation only is started after a very careful examination of the facts and a reasonable suspicion of a regulatory violation. The entire process is strictly confidential, secret, fair and conducted sensitively.

Whistleblowing policy

For a summary of the whistleblowing policy, click here
For the full version of the whistleblowing policy, click here

Reporting suspected wrongdoing

To make a(n) (anonymous) report of suspected wrongdoing click here